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Hot Air Sterilizer

Hot Air Sterilizer
Product Name: Hot Air Sterilizer
Product Code: LON-ON-0008

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Hot Air Sterilizer.
Hot/Dry Air Sterilizer in an equipment in which dry heat sterilization process takes place, in which as the name suggests sterilization takes place through hot and dry air.
Dry Heat Sterilization is the most widely used technique in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology research labs which is employed to sterilize products that are moisture sensitive and medicinal in nature that can have adverse and inimical effect when steam is used on them.
Dry heat sterilization or de-pyrogenation is a process, which is used to reduce pyrogen level (a pyrogen is a substance which causes fever) with the use of hot air in temperature ranges from 160°C to 300°C.
Dry powder drugs, oil, waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, injections, implants, ointment, sharp objects, metal parts etc. are some of examples that require dry heat sterilization or De-pyrogenation. The industry includes- Pharmaceutical (drug manufacturing), Biotechnology research labs, Food & Beverage Industries, Dairy plants, Agriculture & Industrial research, Textile industry etc.
Some of the tests and processes which can be performed using Hot/Dry air Sterilizers are- Moisture determination, Out gassing solids, Aging test, Plating, Chemical resistance studies, drying of Paper, rubber, textile, leather etc., Vacuum storage, Electronic process control.
Outer Chamber made of M.S. Powder Coated
Inner chamber is made of STAINLESS STEEL (304 grade).
Between the outer and inner body wool is stuffed for insulation and for the prevention of thermal loss
Door Gasket is provided for proper sealing along with heavy hinges and door closing device
At the front transparent see-through window is provided. The glass of the window is unbreakable
2 air controlling valves are provided for the creation of vacuum
Heating elements are made up of high quality Nichrome
Kanthal wire are embedded around the chamber
Supplied with 1 (or) 2 removable shelves
Temperature is controlled by Electronic Digital temperature indicator and is fitted in front for easy visibility
Temperature is displayed on digital LED
Front panel beside the temperature display also includes the ON/OFF switch
Supplied with chord and Plug
Operating Voltage: 22 Volts AV (50 Hz)

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