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Electric Reachea Intubation Model

Electric Reachea Intubation Model
Product Name: Electric Reachea Intubation Model
Product Code: LifeSupport0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Electric Reachea Intubation Model.

Accurate anatomical marks

Oral or nasal cavity intubation

Wrong operation, stomach inflation or laryngoscope compressing the teeth will activate warning prompting

One proper pupil and other my diesis

Trauma Evaluating Modules:-

Facial burns: 1st , 2nd  and 3rd degree

Laceration in forhead

The wound in jaw

Opened clavicular fratcture and contusion wound on the chest

The wound in abdomen with small intension evisceration

Opened humerus fracture of right upper arm

Opened fracture of right upper hand (including parenchyma laceration, fracture and bone tissue exposure)

Gun wound in the right palm

Opened fracture of right thighbone

Compound femur fracture of left thigh

Metal pricking wound in right thigh

Opened tibia fracture of right leg

Opened fracture of right foot with truncation traumaon small phalanx

Burns in left fore arm: 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree

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