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Demonstration Meter

Demonstration Meter
Product Name: Demonstration Meter
Product Code: LWS-IN-0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Demonstration Meter.

  • Moving coil type, 30 X 15 X 30cm, with spring control and magnetic damping. Basic movement of meter calibrated to 5mA, 100mV.
  • Long, pointer, needle, with thick arrowhead for clear visibility from a distance, moves on hardened and polished steel pivots and jeweled bearings.
  • Mounted is sturdy, plastic frame with transparent front and back windows.
  • One side of frame has color-coded, 4mm socket terminals for electrical connection, and a slot for inserting or removing scales; other side has zero adjustment knob for locking pointer needle.
  • Any one removable, large scale of various ranges with graduations on both sides can be selected from demonstrates meter.

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