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Compression Balance (Plastic)

Compression Balance (Plastic)
Product Name: Compression Balance (Plastic)
Product Code: LWS-IN-0006

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Compression Balance (Plastic).

  • Economical top loading weighing scales having small footprint, and meant for quick,general purpose weighing with sufficient accuracy.
  • Slanted wide view circular dial and large pointer needle provides error free and convenient reading of scales even from a distance.
  • Molded plastic body in beautiful pastel colors and trendy matching dials and large scoop pans at the top makes its use convenient for weighing small parts, powdered or granulated items.
  • With zero adjustment knob.
  • Capacities available are:
  • 500gx2g
  • 1kgx5g
  • 2kgx10g
  • 5kgx25g

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