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Anaerobic Reactor

Anaerobic Reactor
Product Name: Anaerobic Reactor
Product Code: Biochemical-0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Anaerobic Reactor.

Features of Anaerobic Reactor:

  • It does not require more energy as there is no aeration added.
  • Energy can be generated in the form of methane gas.
  • This reactor generates less bio-mass (sludge).
  • Anaerobic process generates 20% of sludge that of Aerobic process.
  • It has Lower biomass synthesis rate with less nutrients which is 20% of aerobic.
  • Accurate control of temperature to suit the bacteria
  • It has Optional data logging system with software
  • It can optimise reactor start up
  • Analyze the effect of temperature, pH, residence time etc.
  • Investigate the hydraulic loading (feed rate)
  • Effect of effluent strength and nutrient deficiency
  • Effect of recirculation ratio and fluidisation
  • Comparing efficiency of different configurations
  • It does the investigation of bacteria type
  • Acidogenesis and Methanogenesis process demonstrations

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