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Wood Microtome

Wood Microtome
Product Name: Wood Microtome
Product Code: Microtomes0010

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Wood Microtome.

Wood Microtome (Jung Type) is a heavy duty microtome for sectioning hard materials like wood, bone etc.

Up-to 8 x 5 cm size in steps of 1 micron each upto 30 microns. 

Technical Features:-

Feed adjustment - 30 microns

Vertical object displacement - 30mm

Opening of object vice - 80x50 mm

Length of slide ways - 42 cm

Overall dimensions (horizontal) 85x40 cm

Accessories supplied with equipment:-

Special heavy duty razor with back-one

Object holders-set of three


Spanner for tightening razor-one


Screw driver-one


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