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Water Proofness Tester

Product Name: Water Proofness Tester
Product Code: WPT-IN-0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Water Proofness Tester.
The water proofness Tester for leather for shoe uppers consists of a set of acrylic cylindrical grips, half of which are fixed while the remaining half are movable along their common axis. The movement to the grips is give with the help of a motorized arrangement through a worm reduction gearbox. The travel of moving grip, which is different for different leathers, can be set at any one of the four specified values by changing the cam fitted on the gearbox. The grips are located inside a rectangular water container. The container can be filled with water upto the desired level after fixing the test specimens. An overflow pipe is provided to keep the level of water at a predetermined height. A draining arrangement is also provided to empty out the container at the end of the test. Each of the test stations has a provision for setting up an electric contact between spiral brass turnings kept inside the test specimen and the water inside the container. As soon as the current starts flowing through this sensing arrangement an electric signal is generated which lights up an indicator lamp to signify the failure of the test specimen. The test can be continued after failure is established to determine the amount of water penetrating through the test specimens from one face to the other over one or more specified time intervals. The tester is available in two models, one for testing three test specimens, and the other for testing four test specimens simultaneously.The tester is finished in shore blue metallic painting and bright chrome / zinc plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish. All parts that come in contact with water during the test are made from non-corrodible materials such as aluminum, brass, or acrylic..

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