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Universal Motor Speed Control - Naugra Lab

Universal Motor Speed Control
NaugraLabs Laboratory Product Name: Universal Motor Speed Control
NaugraLabs Laboratory Product Code: PEEL0004

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Universal Motor Speed Control.

Universal Motor Speed Control
Universal Motor Speed Control To perform the following experiments :

  • Half wave controller without feed back
  • Half wave controller with feed back
  • Half wave controller high torque at low speed version – skip cycling operation
  • Full wave controller using triac and demonstrating hysteresis effects improved  by gate slaving techniques
The board consists of following built-in parts:
1. SCR and TRIAC for the speed control of the universal motor.
2. Two potentiometers.
3. Two capacitors to control firing angle of thyristors.
4. DIAC and two Nos. of diodes.
5. A Universal motor of 1/12 H.P. or less capacity.
6. Snubber circuit in parallel with the triac, which helps in improving the Dv/Dt of the device and also helps in reducing the RFI.
7. Adequate no. of other Electronic Components.
8. Mains ON/OFF switch, Fuse and Jewel light

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