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Universal Gear Hobing Machine

Universal Gear Hobing Machine

Product Supply Code: NLAB-MACHINELABWK20001

Product Name: Universal Gear Hobing Machine

Tender Supply Category: Universal Gear Hobing Machines Lab

Description and Specification of Universal Gear Hobing Machine for Lab Tenders
Universal Gear Hobing Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers India

Salient Features : Gear Hobbing Machine model V-300 is designed for the production of precision Spur, Helical, Worm Gears, Splines, Sprockets, Rachet Wheels & any other form that can be hobbed. Its bed & column are of close grain casting & are well ribbed with V-type guideways. The shafts & Gears are made of alloy steels. The indexing worm wheel is of high grade Bronze material. The machine is equipped with Differential Mechanism for cutting helical gears. Provision has been made to remove backlash between the indexing worm & worm gear and also between feed screw & the nut of the hob slide. Oil reservoirs are provided in the machine which ensures thorough lubrication of gears & bearings. STANDARD EQUIPMENTS :  One Electric Motor 2 H.P. (960 RPM), One Electric motor 1 H.P. (1440 RPM), One Electric Coolant Pump, One work arbour, One Hob arbour, One set of 45 change gears,One set of spanners.

Maximum continuous output (Max. Pitch) 6 D.P. 4 Module
Maximum diameter of Gear with support 14" 356 mm
Minimum diameter of gear 0.375" 10 mm
Face Capacity for Spur gear 8" 203 mm
Minimum number of Teeth 5 5
Face capacity for Helical Gear
Helix angle upto 15° 7" 178 mm
Helix angle upto 30° 6" 152 mm
Helix angle upto 45° 5" 127 mm
Distance between Hob Spindle & Surface of Table (Maximum) 13.5" 343 mm

(Minimum) 4.5" 114 mm
Axis to Axis distance of Hob Spindle to Table (Maximum) 8.5" 216 mm

(Minimum) 1" 25 mm
Diameter of work Table 13" 330 mm
Maximum diameter of Hob 3.5" 90 mm
Maximum length of Hob 5" 127 mm
Diameter of Work arbour & Hob arbour 1.25" 32 mm
Hob speeds in R.P.M. 60,75,90,120,150,180
Feed of the hob slide (Maximum) 0.1" 2.5 mm

(Minimum) 0.010" 0.25 mm
Main drive motor 2 H.P. 1.5 Kw
Rapid Motor 1 H.P. 0.75 Kw
Coolant Pump 0.16 H.P. 0.12 Kw
Floor space required with cover closed 74" x 34" 1880 x 864 mm
Floor space required with cover opened 82" x 67" 2083 x 1702 mm
Weight of the machine 4840 lbs. 2200 Kg
Height of the Machine 75" 1905 mm

The heavy duty Universal Gear Hobbing Machines Model V-1000 & Model V-1500 represent the ultimate in sound uptodate design. These are of precision construction with superior workmanship which ensures high output and fine performance. The machine can cut Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, Splines, Serration sprocket Wheels, Retchet Wheels and any other form that can be hobbed. The bed and main column of the machines are of ample size. These are of box type design and are well ribbed with V-type guideways. For the consistence accuracy of the machine axially adjustable Indexing worm is provided to remove backlash. Provision has also been made to remove backlash in feed screw and nut of the Hob slide. Oil reservoirs are provided in the machine which ensures thorough lubrication of Gears & Bearings.

One main electric Motor, One rapid electric motor, One electric coolant Pump, One Work Arbour, One Hob Arbour, One set of 48 change Gears, Six segment supports (One Face Plate 54" dia. and One V-Belt Pulley 31 dia. for V-1500 only)

Maximum Continuous Output (Max. Pitch) 3 D.P. 2 D.P.
Maximum Dia. of Gear with support 40" 60"
Minimum Dia. of Gear that can be cut 2" 3"
Maximum face Width for Spur Gear 18" 30"
Face Capacity for Helical Gears Helix Angle 15° 18" 30"
  30° 12" 24"
  45° 8" 16"
Distance between Hob Spindle & Surface of the table Maximum 27" 42"
  Minimum 8.5" 9"
Axis to axis distance of Hob spindle to the table Maximum 22" 36"
  Minimum 1.5 2"
Diameter of Work Table 25" 35"
Maximum Diameter of Hob 6" 9"
Maximum Length of Hob 8" 12"
Hob Shift 2" 2"
Diameter of Work Arbour 2" 2"
Diameter of Hob Arbour 1.25" 1.25"
Hob Speeds in R.P.M. 40, 60, 80 20, 30, 40, 60
Feed of the Hob Slide Maximum 0.1" 0.1"
  Minimum 0.010" 0.010"
Main Drive Motor 3 H.P. 5 H.P.
Rapid Motor 2 H.P. 2 H.P.
Floor space required with covers closed 100" x 41" 150" X 46"
Floor space required with covers open 120" x 82" 167"x 98"
Weight of the Machine (Approx) 5100 Kgs 8200 Kgs
Height of the Machine 84" 105"

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