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TILTING FLUME (6 Meter) - Naugra Lab

NaugraLabs Laboratory Product Name: TILTING FLUME (6 Meter)
NaugraLabs Laboratory Product Code: THERM0013

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

The Tilting flume consists of a channel of size as in specifications. At the inlet a flow steadying section is provided so that there will be fewer disturbances at the test section. The gates provided at the upstream & downstream of the test section help to regulate the depth of flow. Depth measurements can be achieved with the help of a hook or point gauge mounted on a trolley which gives longitudinal and transverse movement. The slope of the bed can be adjusted to give positive or negative slopes.


• Study of open channel flow with slope
• Study of specific energy curve
• Study of hydraulic jump
• Study of Nappe profiles over a sharp crested weir
• Calibration of sharp crested, Broad crested and ogee weir
• Calibration of a Venturiflume
• Study of flow under the sluice gate

• A hydraulic flume of c/s 200x300 mm & 6000 mm length with transparent window on
  either sides of 1800 mm length.
• Sliding gates one at upstream and other at the downstream side.
• Screw jack for change of the slope of the flume.
• A Sump tank of sufficient capacity.
• Supply tank with waves damping arrangement.
• A 3 H.P. centrifugal monoblock pump.
• An Orifice meter with manometer to measure the discharge. Inlet/throat
  dimensions: 50/25 mm respectively.
• Trolley with point gauge for level measurement.
• Models supplied:
    • Sharp crested weir (crest length 200 mm)
    • Broad crested weir
    • Ogee weir or spillway.
    • Venturi flume

• Suitable Water supply.
• Suitable floor space to mount apparatus.
• 15 amps Single Phase Electrical Connection.

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