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Thermostatic Water/Oil Bath

Thermostatic Water/Oil Bath
Product Name: Thermostatic Water/Oil Bath
Product Code: WBE-IN-0006

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Thermostatic Water/Oil Bath.
High-quality stainless steel material, heat resisting and anticorrosion, operational amplifier temperature controller and bi-integral A/D converter, digital display, durable.
1. As a manufacturer, we can offer most reasonable prices
2. More than over 20 year’s history that we will provide products with high quality
3. Reliable and experienced delivery agent
4. We can develop according to customer’s samples or drawings.
A heated bath is used in the laboratory to allow a chemical reaction to occur at an elevated temperature.The heated bath is a fluid placed in an open (metal) pot. Water and silicone oil is the most commonly used fluids. A water bath is used for temperatures up to 100 °C. An oil bath is employed for temperatures over 100 °C.The heated bath is heated on a hot plate, or with a bunsen burner. The reaction chamber (Florence flask, Erlenmeyer flask, beaker) is immersed in the heated bath. A thermometer is usually kept in the fluid to monitor the temperature.

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