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Spring Testing Machine

Spring Testing Machine
Product Name: Spring Testing Machine
Product Code: STM-IN-0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Spring Testing Machine.

This machine is designed to test laminated springs and coil springs. The test is held under laminated springs and coil springs.

The Cabinet comprises of the hydraulic unit, the hand wheel of the pump and the release valve handles are outside the cabinet for easy operation. This compact base carrier two fixed upright and four horizontal plates. The first and the third plates with two small uprights from an adjustable frame. The second and the fourth plates are fixed. A square threaded wheel arrangements provided for adjusting the height of the springs.

A Bourdon type gauge is fixed for direct load measurements. One fixed upright is graduated to denote the deflections or tension of the springs for direct readings. A thimble with on arrow mark is provided to facilitate the readings. The machine is capable of accommodating 8″ length 1/2″ dial. rod up to 4″ dia. Springs for tension, 6″ length 1/2″ dia. rod, 4″ springs for compression. Scale graduations are made up to 15 cms

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