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Spring Control Arbour Press

Spring Control Arbour Press
Product Name: Spring Control Arbour Press
Product Code: HPT0010

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Spring Control Arbour Press.

Spring Control Arbour Press .

Spring controlled hand operated or treadle operated arbour press ideally suitable for pressing solid, hollow and eyelet rivetting, staking, flaring, numbering, marking, assembling etc. The press is provided with adjustable stroke, automatic spring return of spindle, adjustable spring tensioning device ans T slotted base surface.

Max. dia. of work admitted (mm) 105 175 275 275
Max. pressure exerted (approx. Kgs.) 200 500 850 1250
Max. distance from table to spindle mm 100 170 270 370
Max. distance from table to spindle to back (mm) 45 65 90 120

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