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Spring Balance (Acrylic Tubular Type)

Spring Balance (Acrylic Tubular Type)
Product Name: Spring Balance (Acrylic Tubular Type)
Product Code: LBS-IN-0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Spring Balance (Acrylic Tubular Type).

Plastic balance made of clear acrylic tube. Each range is color coded for easy identification, and has dual scale graduated in both grams and Newton. The spring mechanism and working of the balance is clearly visible with provision for zero adjustment incorporated at the top. With suspension ring and load hook.

Ranges available are:

• 100g-1g

• 200g-2g

• 250g-2.5n

• 500g-5g
• 1000g-10g

• 2000g-20g

• 250g-2.5N

• 500g-5N

• 1kg-10N
• 2kg-20N

• 3kg-30N

• 5kg-50N

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