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Split Tear Tester

Product Name: Split Tear Tester
Product Code: STT-IN-0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Split Tear Tester.
Micro cellular sheets used in the manufacture of hawai chappals and shoe soles should be resistant to slitting if they get split across their thickness. & The ability of micro cellular rubber sheets and soles to resist propagation of splits is determined by splitting a rectangular test specimen taken from the sheet or sole under test across its thickness and pulling the two split ends away from each other. The maximum load exerted before failure gives the measure of the resistance of the sheet or sole under test to splitting. & The Split Tear Tester for microcellular sheets and shoe soles consists of an arrangement to hold two split tongues of the test specimen in two separate grips in a vertical plane, an arrangement to move one of the grips downward at a specified speed, and an arrangement to record the maximum load exerted while propagating the split.

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