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Spectrum Analyser 1050MHz

Spectrum Analyser 1050MHz
Product Name: Spectrum Analyser 1050MHz
Product Code: SPA-0004

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Spectrum Analyser 1050MHz.

nput Frequency Response 0.15~1050MHz,3dB 0.15~500MHz ,3dB
Display Accuracy of Central Frequency ±200KHz(frequency sweep width +200KHz)  
Accuracy of Mark Frequency ±0.1%(frequency sweep width +100KHz)  
Frequency Display Resolution 100KHz(4 1/2 bit LED display)  
Frequency Sweep Width 0.1MHz/div -100KHz/div with 1,2 and step system and 0Hz/div(0 frequency sweep) accuracy : ±10%  
Intermediate Frequency Bandwidth 20KHz and 400KHz  
Video Filter (when on) 4KHz  
Amplitude Range -107~+13dB  
Reference Level -27dB~+13dB(10dB for every step) ±2dB  
Average Noise Level -97dB(20KHz intermediate frequency width)  
Display Range of CRT Screen 80dB(10dB/div)  
Error of Vertical Display ±2dB(2 with attenuator) 250MHz signal  
Input Attenuator 0~40dB(4×10dB step)error:+/-1dB/10Db  
Maximum Input Level +10dBm,+25V DC(input attenuator set at 0dB) +20dBm(input attenuator set at 40dB)  
Frequency Stability Over 150KHz/hour  
Input Socket Type BNC  
Input Impedance 50Ω  
Power Supply 220V/110V; ±10%;50Hz/60Hz

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