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Signal Generators

Signal Generators
Product Name: Signal Generators
Product Code: SNG-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Signal Generators.
Description:-Electrical Supply:- 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz Mass:- 3.2kg Dimensions:- 255 x 220 x 110mm overall Sig. Gen. Mode:- Waveforms: Sine, Square & Triangular, sinewave distortion 1% on all ranges, square wave rise time 1µs approx. Frequency Range : 0.1Hz to 100kHz in six ranges, accuracy ±5% on all ranges Voltage Output : 0 to 10V (peak to peak), continuously variable across all ranges & waveforms 4Ω Output : Power output of 4W over entire frequency range & waveforms, will drive loudspeaker or other suitable devices 600Ω Output : Provides attenuation settings: x 1, x 0.1 & x 0.01, all ±5% Amplifier Mode :- Performance : Voltage gain 0 to 100, Input impedance 1MΩ, Max. input 200mV (peak to peak), Output spec. same as above Frequency Response : Frequency response 1Hz to 100kHz

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