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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer (Preferably Siemens or its equivalent)

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer (Preferably Siemens or its equivalent)
Product Name: Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer (Preferably Siemens or its equivalent)
Product Code: PCL0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer (Preferably Siemens or its equivalent).
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer (Preferably Siemens or its equivalent) Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters PLC TRAINER CON SOFTWARE
Inside a laboratory for automation technologies, the trainer  is the necessary tool for the training of technicians
operating in industry for the maintenance and the design of
installations. Carried out with industrial components, the trainer  enables the development of a solid experimentation and a high content of knowledge, on PLC programming and the solution of more complex problems related to automation.
The training program includes a wide range of applications:
• Industrial installations
• Robotics
• Automation with conveyor
• Process controls with PID techniques
The trainer PLC enables the theoretical analysis and the
experiments on the following main exercises:
• PLC architecture
• Processing of the instructions: cycle
• Synchronous, asynchronous and priority cycles.
• Times of execution, cycle and reaction
• Boolean Algebra
• Basic programming in: AWL, KOP, FUP
• Combinatory logic functions
• Sequential logic functions
• Addressing
• Timers & counters
• Clock generators
• Monostable, bistable circuits
• Algebraic operations: sum, subtraction, multiplication and division
• BCD/binary conversions
• Binary/BCD conversions
• Structured programming techniques
• Types of base data
• Types of structured data
• Programming of functions, function blocks, data blocks
• Standard and system functions
• Fast counting integrated functions, frequency measurement,
• Process interrupt control
• Sheet steel container, chemically treated and painted with epoxy
• Side handles to move the equipment easily in the laboratory
• Front panel, in insulating material, with silk screen representation
of the diagrams and inner components of the equipment
• 24 Vdc / 3 A power supply for control of the digital inputs and
outputs. With electronic protection against short-circuits and
• 24 Vac / 3 A power supply for relay output control. With fuse
protection against overloads
• 1 3 1/2-digit digital voltmeter for measurement of the voltage
present across the inputs or the analog output. 0.1Vdc resolution
• 1 Rotating switch for voltmeter input selection

• 4 Analog inputs V / I: ± 10 Vdc, 0..20 mA
• 1 Analog output V / I: ± 10 Vdc, 0..20 mA
• 4 Rotating potentiometers for setting up analog references in the
range 0..10 Vdc
• Inner voltage reference obtained via 24 Vdc inner stabilizer
• 14 Digital standard inputs of which 6 special for fast counting,
frequency measurements
• Digital input simulator with permanent and pulse state switches
• 18 24 Vdc digital transistor outputs of which 2 20-kHz pulse
ones with possibility of interrupt; adjustable pulse duration
• Safety terminals, standard 4 mm and 2 mm for connection
of the inputs and outputs to external devices
• 10 Digital outputs interfacing with relay without potential and
range between 10 Aac / 2 Adc

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