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Product Name: Polygraph
Product Code: Psychology0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders


Unique system of pen motors, Modular easily interchangeable in a minute or two.
Pen length standard 120mm for ink writing system improving upon the international standard (100mm).
Shorter pen length would mean greater arc distorsions which is synonymous with wave form distorsion and arc distorsion. 
Pen length below 100mm is not internationally accepted
Frequency Response:- With 120mm ink pen length 70Hz-3db. with shorter ink pens 75 or 80mm length this response will be appreciably higher.
Chart Drive:- With completely silent gear train fitted with finest imported synchronous motor free from any blacklash. 
Noisy or large humming gear train or motor can introduce Bio-feed back signals.
Z fold chart paper for easy back reference and recording.
Ripple free power supply with high stabilization and overload protection.
Modular Time & Event channel (optional).

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