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Pipe Network Apparatus

Pipe Network Apparatus
Product Name: Pipe Network Apparatus
Product Code: Hydraulics0008

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Pipe Network Apparatus.

Self-contained with hydraulics bench, to measure flows and drops in the wide range of pipe network configuration: individual pipes, series pipes, parallel pipes, ring main. 
Fittings connection by screwed coupling with “O” rings. 
Pressure tapping and quick connection. 
5 Test pipes of different diameters.
Various connection configurations.
Differential manometers.
Mobile on the hydraulics bench. 220V, 50Hz.

A pipe network specifically designed to allow the setting up of a wide range of pipe arrays and the measurement of the flows and pressures using water as the fluid.
A self-contained water supply and volumetric measurement module provide the base for pipe assemblies.
Test Pipes: 1 off 22.5mm I.D; 2 off 17.5mm I.D; 2 off 13.0mm I.D; common length 0.7m
Circulating pump 0.55kW (0.75 H.P.) centrifugal
Differential pressure measurements: 1m pressurized water manometer; 1m mercury manometer.
Volumetric flow measurement range 0-6 litres and 0-40 litres with level indication on remote sight gauge.

Experimental capabilities:-
Calibration of system components - head loss versus discharge.
Characteristics of parallel pipe networks.
Characteristics of series pipe networks.
Applications of doubling pipes.
Characteristics of ring mains

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