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Naugra Lab Perfusion Lagendroff Assembly

Naugra Lab Perfusion Lagendroff Assembly
Product Name: Naugra Lab Perfusion Lagendroff Assembly
Product Code: PLI0018

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab Perfusion Lagendroff Assembly.

Perfusion Assembly / Lagendroff Assembly (for isolated mammalian heart with dual Perfusion system.):-

The unit mounted on a heavy iron base measuring 27" x 12". 

Two main uprights hold the equipment. 

Various parts of assembly are adjustable.

Two unit Isolated Bath with central glass spiral through which the fluid passes is electrically heated and temp. is thermostatically controlled. 

Two light weight pulleys are used to direct a thread from heart to lever. 

Bath assembly complete with support, bottles, outlet chamber, oxygen tubes, cannula, heart lever and rubber tube. 

A manometer is provided which is adjustable vertically as well as horizontally. 

The unit is complete in all respects with accessories required for various experiments.

Assembly for Mammalian classes: 

A versatile assembly serving both for heart perfusion and as on all-purpose thermostatic organ bath. 

The transparent perspex bath is 12" x9" x 8" and rests on a metal stand: a 1" x 3 / 8" thick edge at the top makes clamps etc. 

Carrying the uprights and Temperature of the bath is regulated (Constant). 

Thermostatic sensitivity 2° C. 

The stirrer unit is completely independent, and dips into the bath in one corner, and fixes on its special stainless steel upright. 

A perspex connection box is fitted to the bath frame, and carries all the electric leads and connections. 

Two pilot lamps indicate the thermostat and stirrer operation. 

Extra accessories to enable the unit to be used as an all-purpose organ bath (2 unit) are:-

Double set of glass inner vessels

Oxygen tubes

Warming coils

Levers with stainless steel capillary

Four uprights with boss heads

X blocks

Complete assembly with upright stand, double reservoir, mercury manometer

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