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Naugra Lab Digital Respinometer

Product Name: Naugra Lab Digital Respinometer
Product Code: PLI0013

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab Digital Respinometer.

Polished Stainless Steel tank, with capacity of 7 manometers a side. 

Digital temperature display with resolution of 0.1 deg. C. 

Temperature control to within +/-0.5 deg. C. 

Stainless Steel immersion heater. 

Stirrer for uniform temperature. 

Manometers mounted on graduated scale for reading pressure changes. 

Flask with center well & side flask attached to manometer. 

Oscillation of manometer approximately 90 rpm. 

Powder coated exterior, with wheels for easy mobility. 

Capacity 7 manometers, temperature range of 5 deg. 

C above ambient to 60 deg. C

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