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Naugra Lab Microprocessor Friability Apparatus

Naugra Lab Microprocessor Friability Apparatus
Product Name: Naugra Lab Microprocessor Friability Apparatus
Product Code: FTA0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab Microprocessor Friability Apparatus.

Microprocessor Friability Apparatus


Complies with USP, IP specifications

Microprocessor based, easy to use

20 x 4 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlit

16 Soft touch membrane type keys

Independent programmable setups for Time & Count mode with storage

Password-protected user access

Facility to attach with weighing balance

Printer attachment facility

Automatically calculates percentage friability

Loading and unloading of tablets with out removing drums

Power Failure detection facility

User friendly operation with menus & current status indicators.

Microprocessor Friability Apparatus measures the tendency of a tablet to chip or breakdown to pieces when held under mechanical stresses.

Instrument uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility.

System is equipped with 4 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlit and 16 number of soft touch membrane type keys.

The friability tester can be operated using only one or two drums. The rotational speed of drums can be set at different speeds (20-60 rpm).

The samples can be loaded conveniently without removing the drums and after the test completion the samples are automatically unloaded to the collection tray.

To eliminate the manual input of weight of samples the facility of connecting a weighing scale is also available.

When weighing scale is connected the weight of samples is automatically recorded to the instrument from the weighing balance.

The test can be performed in two different modes Time or Count mode.

The instrument stores the test parameters, readings and results simultaneously in the memory which are retained even after the power is switched OFF.

Provision has also been made for attachment of a printer so as to provide hard-copy printouts of test data, including the time, date and calculated results.


Test Methods

Time and Count Mode

Speed of Drums

20 – 60 RPM

No. of Drums



20x4 Alphanumeric LCD


Soft touch membrane keys, alphanumeric mobile keypad


1 to 9999 rotations


1 sec to 9 hrs 59 min 59 sec

Type of Drive

Direct Drive with Stepper Motor


Attachment of RS232 printer with Serial interface

Electrical Supply

230 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 44VA

Dimensions (WxHxD)

335mm X 330mm X 340mm


12 Kgs

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