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Multiple Compressor Refrigeration Control

Multiple Compressor Refrigeration Control
Product Name: Multiple Compressor Refrigeration Control
Product Code: REF0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Multiple Compressor Refrigeration Control.
Multiple Compressor Refrigeration Control Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters Technical Description  In high capacity refrigeration systems several compressors are often used in combination. This compound system is controlled via a regulator so that individual compressors can be switched in, depending on the performance required. During this process it is automatically ensured that the compressors are evenly loaded. Using the compound controller it is also possible to compare the energies during individual and combined operation, as the power consumption of the compressors in operation can be read on the controller. A cooling load can be applied to the evaporator in the system using a heater in a closed brine circuit. The measurement of all relevant process parameters with electronic sensors allows the data to be acquired by a PC. A data acquisition card and analysis software is included. All measured data can be simultaneously read on the system so operation is also possible without a PC. The system requires a supply of threephase mains electricity.

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