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Motorised Rapid Bender

Motorised Rapid Bender
Product Name: Motorised Rapid Bender
Product Code: PBM0007

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Motorised Rapid Bender.
Motorised Rapid Bender .
Mechanical roller bearings fitted motorised rapid bending machine desinged to provide a simple, trouble free multitudeof bendings jobs which might arise in an industry, simple compound and reverse bends can all be formed with the power bender in tubing, angle, channel,extrusions,mouldings, stripstock, bus bars, round or square rods and all other solid ductile materials. The material is locked between the radius collar and locking pin and, as the mounting plate rotates the material is drawn past the forming nose or a forming roller which can of used for many operation. This arrangement is ideal for a wide suitable; of forming requirements in most solid materials and is especially variable for bending eye bolts as it will form both centered and off center eyes in one operating cycle. The radius capacity of this unit is unusally large and any radius desired can be obtained by merely placing a coller of the required size in the mounting plate. Since the mounting plate allows bendings full 360°, it is necessary to use this set-up when forming tubing. angle, channel mouldings and extrusions in excess of the 280° angle range of the toggle clamp set up. This can be easily accomplished through the use of the proper accessories, eqipped with 5.H.P.A.C. 440/3/50 electric motor, reduction gear unit, starter, bend locking gauge, angle stop. Locking,pin; radius and forming collar and radius block having bending speed approx 8 R.P.M Capacity standard iron pipe M.S.10 swg. I.P.S.1.1/2" centered eye-round mild steel bar (one operation} 3/4" centered eye rapind mild steel (two operations) 1", square mild steel bar 3/ 4", flat steel bar bent flat 3/8" x 4", angle 3/16" x 1" x 1", channel 3/16" x 2" x 1" (Prices for various accessories attachment can be quoted against specific enquiry/drawing or sample)

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