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Product Name: Megger
Product Code: DML-0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Technical Specifications :-
Range : 200MΩ/100V,  200MΩ/250V,  200MΩ/500V,  1000MΩ/1000V
Accuracy : ±(3% +1d);  Resolution : 0.1MΩ / 1MΩ
Sampling time : 0.4 sec.
Display : Minimum 0.7” LCD & Max. Indication : 1999
Measurement with high drive current, short circuit current > 2.55mA
LSI-circuit for high reliability and durability
Built in over input and low battery indication
Overload protection for each range
Automatic zero adjust and automatic circuit discharge
Portable housing case with front protective cover
Power : DC 9 V battetry.

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