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Load Electronic DC Machines

Load Electronic DC Machines
Product Name: Load Electronic DC Machines
Product Code: LDC-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Load Electronic DC Machines
Four basic functions: CC, CV, CR and CP
Eight basic test modes: CPC, CPV, CRH, CRM, CRL, CV, CCH, CCL
Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6V at the load's full rated current
Features High speed sequence, high speed transient, short-circuit battery discharge and other additional auxiliary functions
Programmable current slew rate
Perfect protection for high reliability in the most complicated of test situations
Multiple groups of settings and lists can be saved and recalled
Terrific ruggedized build quality
SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation) is supported
Labview is supported
Inputs: 1
Input Voltage: 0~80V
Input Current: 0~30A
Input Power: 0~250W
Ripple: 5 mVrms
Voltage Accuracy: 0-80V: ±0.1%+10mV
Current Accuracy:

0-4A: ±0.1%+5mA
0-30A: ±0.1%+10mA

Maximum Resolution:
Voltage: 1 mV
Current: 0.1mA

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