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Light Fastness Tester Machines

Light Fastness Tester Machines
Product Name: Light Fastness Tester Machines
Product Code: LFT-IN-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Light Fastness Tester Machines.
Features of Light Fastness Tester:
An effective and essential fabric & garment testing equipment.
It is used to determine the color fastness and degradation of textiles to Sunlight.
This standard model comes with a 500 watt MBTL lamp.
Automatic voltage stabilizer
Stainless steel clamps

Specifications of Light Fastness Tester:
Light Source 500W, MBTL Fading Lamp Test Chamber
Temperature Ambient to 50° C
Temperature Range Control By Water Circulation in Type ‘A’ rectangular cells.
Maximum Number of Type 12 Nos. ‘A’ Rectangular Cells Maximum Number of Type 50 Nos. ‘C’ Cylindrical Cells Maximum Space per Type 110 x 50 mm ‘A’ Rectangular Cells Specimen Thickness Up to 15 mm Specimen size 100 x 50 mm
Maximum Number of Specimen10 Nos.
Working Life of Lamp 2000
Hours Power 220 Volts, single Phase, 50 HZ, A.C. Supply.
Power Consumption Maximum 1 KW.
Water Use of Distilled Water only in the water circulation Unit.
Recommended Ambient 20°-24°C Temperature
Operating Conditions 50%-65% Relative Humidity
Humidity Control Inserting Saturated Solution in the type ‘A’ & ’C’ Cells.
Light Fastness Tester confirms with the following international standards

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