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Junior Maths Kit

Junior Maths Kit
Product Name: Junior Maths Kit
Product Code: Classroom0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Junior Maths Kit.

Junior Maths Kit offered is perfectly designed and developed and is backed by well researched scientific teaching and learning features that make these provide vital learning support in understanding concepts of mathematics for junior classes.

The kit covers learning areas like Solid Figure Set, Geometrical Instrument Box, Measuring Tap, Jug & Beaker set, Wall Thermometer, Chemical Thermometer, Kitchen Balance, Geoboard, Abacus, Fiber Dummy Clock.

Other than this, the kit also covers Skip Counting Board, Designer Fraction, Pattern of Triangle, Game of Place Value, Magnetic Fraction Disk, Transparencies Set of 1017, Chart of Arithmetic, PVC Chart (Set of 3), Half Meter Scale, Plastic Moulds, Set of cup, Junior Pythagoras Theorem, Geometrical Stencils and Set of Pearl Marbles

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