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Insulating Oil Tester Semi Automatic

Insulating Oil Tester Semi Automatic
Product Name: Insulating Oil Tester Semi Automatic
Product Code: OIT-0004

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Insulating Oil Tester Semi Automatic.
Digital display of kV
Motorized rise of test voltage: 2kV per second as recommended
Set voltage facility
Automatic start-stop of stirring of oil for 60 seconds
Automatic start-stop and hold for withstand test for 60 seconds
Audio + Visual alarms at breakdown
Indicators for test status
Light weight: 30 kg 60kV set

Safety Features:
Zero start high voltage output
HV area interlocked
Protection: a) Does not start if Live, Neutral connected reversely.b) Does not start if GROUND is open
Audio visual alarms at breakdown

System Description:
The system is semi-automatic. Test voltage is set on the digital display and test is started. The test voltage ramps to the set voltage level at 2kV per second . In case insulation fails, the output test voltage is tripped and comes to zero. The stirrer starts to stir the oil for 60 seconds and stops automatically after 60 seconds. In case the insulation stands the set value, the test voltage remains for 60 seconds and automatically returns to zero. If during this period the insulation fails, the test voltage is tripped and output test voltage comes to zero.

Modes of tests:
Breakdown tests [BDV test]
Withstand test for 60 seconds

Standard : Meets requirements
Input Voltage : 240 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase AC supply
Output Voltage : Continuously variable voltage
H.T. Source : Heavy duty epoxy resin cast, dry, maintenance free transformer with mid point ground
Voltage rise : a) Motorized at 2 kV per second (± 20%)
kV Meter : Digital kV meter. Accuracy: ± 4% as per IS 6792
Trip : Automatic cut-off in the event of oil breakdown

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