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Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer
Product Name: Industrial Refrigeration Trainer
Product Code: AC-LAB-0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer.

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer consists of the following:

• 3 HP semi-hermetic compressor
• Refrigerant R-134A (other refrigerants available)
• Crankcase heater with automatic control system
• Oil circulating pump
• Two evaporators (forced-air type) with solenoids, timers, etc.
• Two water-cooled condensers (tube-in-tube and shell-in-tube)
• Gas bypass systems
• Crankcase pressure regulator with gauges
• Operating instructions, student experiment manual and teacher  manual
• Text: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with study guide and lab manual

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