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Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipment

Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipment
Product Name: Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipment
Product Code: HML-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipment.
Hydraulic Ram is used for pumping small quantity of water at high head, when large quantity of water at small head is available. It operates on the principle that if flowing water is suddenly brought to rest in a long pipe, a phenomena known as water hammer occurs, wherein a pressure wave travels along the pipe. This principle is used in the Hydraulic Ram to pump water. The set-up consists of a box incorporating pulse and non-return valves and a supply reservoir on a stand which is fed by the overhead tank. An air vessel above the valve chamber smoothes cyclic fluctuations from the Ram delivery. Different pressure may be applied to the pulse valve to change the closing pressure and hence the operating characteristic.

Learning Objectives/Experiments:
To find out discharge of useful water and waste water
To find out the efficiency of the Hydraulic ram

Required for Operation:
Electric supply : Provide 230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase electric supply with proper earthing. (Neutral – Earth voltage less than 5 VAC.), 5A, three pin socket with switch for pump.
Water supply
Floor area required : 2.0m * 1.0 m
The whole set-up is ingeniously designed and schematically arranged on a powder-coated rigid structure
Control Panel: Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.

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