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Hardness Testers

Hardness Testers
Product Name: Hardness Testers
Product Code: STEL0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Hardness Testers.
Among many types of materials testing methods, hardness testing is one of the most popular, reliable and yet diversified methods. The many methods regularly practiced in hardness determination of metals range from loads starting from grams in Micro hardness testing up to 3,000 kgf for Brinell Testing of heavy castings. Suitable selection of hardness testing methods together with the applicable hardness tester model can accurately measure the hardness of softest alloys up to the hardest sintered materials.

There are so many hardness testing methods and scales that require finding the most suitable hardness tester to meet every hardness testing application.

Modern electronics has played an important role to improve hardness testing technologies, providing high accuracy, data processing of test results, statistical analysis, graphics, and much more.

For selection of the suitable hardness tester for your application, the following criteria are to be considered:

    Test Load
    Hardness Scale
    Accuracy of Results
    Adaptability of the hardness tester to shape and dimension of the work piece
    Portability or table top/ floor configuration of the hardness tester.

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