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Gram Staining of Bacteria

Gram Staining of Bacteria
Product Name: Gram Staining of Bacteria
Product Code: Microbiology0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Gram Staining of Bacteria.

Engage your students in a hands-on lesson in bacteria morphology. 
Completely safe design minimizes student contact and eliminates storage and disposal issues. 
Revolutionary 'snap & stain' ampoules provide the safest and easiest way to stain bacteria smears. 
Contains five ampoule sets, each including crystal violet, Gram's iodine, safranin and a decolorizing solution. 
Also includes three cultures for student identification. 
Contains enough stain for forty slides. 
Comes complete with detailed Teacher and student guides as well as a prepared reference slide featuring bacterial smears of cocci, bacilli, and spirilla

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