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Experimentation With Hays Bridge

Experimentation With Hays Bridge
Product Name: Experimentation With Hays Bridge
Product Code: LBG-IN-0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Experimentation With Hays Bridge.
Experimentation with Hay’s Bridge is useful training product for measuring the value of unknown inductance. This product is useful for students to understand the concept and working of A.C. Bridges. Hay’s bridge is a modification of Maxwell’s bridge and is suitable for measuring inductance of inductors with high Q-factor. By setting the null point we can evaluate the unknown inductance value. Experimentation with HAY`S bridge has inbuilt differential amplifier, AC to DC converter and DPM for null detection. In built sine wave generator with amplitude and frequency variation facility is provided for the ease of operation.
In-built sine wave generator
Adjustable frequency and Amplitude of Sine Wave
Digital display for Null detection
10 turn potentiometer for balancing the bridge
Easy illustration of Hay’s bridge

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