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Esave Ready To Go

Esave Ready To Go
Product Name: Esave Ready To Go
Product Code: Renewable0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Esave Ready To Go.

The aim of the leXsolar- Esave kits is to increase an understanding of the various ways we use and waste energy - and how energy wastage can be reduced without drastic reductions in quality of life.
The problem needs to be tackled at both ends, by increasing efficiency and reducing wastage on personal and global levels.
Therefore keeping energy demands as low as reasonably possible. 
With the growing global demand for energy, fuelled by increasing population and industrialization worldwide, greener energy alone will never meet the energy demands of our planet in the future.
Students gain an understanding and mindfulness of various ways to decrease ecological impact, through potential energy efficiencies and savings.
The ESave Ready-to-go brings the topic of energy to life, focusing on real-world applications and issues.
Students are encouraged to take a holistic approach, starting from topics such as worldwide or household energy consumption and climate change.
Then conducting experiments to measure relevant variables like room temperature, water or energy consumption

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