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Product Code: INDUST0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders


Electro Hydraulic Circuit Trainer outlines the basic Principle of Hydraulic Control System, Hydraulic Control System Components & its applications using electronic proximity position sensor & electro-mechanical actuators (solenoid valves).

• Relay Module: - 4 Relays, 24V DC supply, 2 NO/NC contacts, panel mounting type.
• Single Acting Cylinder: - Bore: 40 mm, Stroke: 75mm/100mm, Mounting: Foot.
• Double Acting Cylinder: - Bore: 40 mm, Stroke: 75mm/100mm, Mounting: Foot
• Solenoid Valve: - 2 Nos, 4/3 way, ¼", 230VAC & 4/2 way, ¼", 230 VAC.
• Meter-in Circuit & Meter Out Circuit
• Bleed-off Circuit
• Pulley Arrangement to carry load applied to the actuator, i.e., Double Acting Cylinder (Optional)
• Pressure Relief Valve:- ¼", 60 Kg/cm2
• Flow Control Valve: - ¼" (F), Square Body.
• Block Manifold: - ¼", 4 ways.
• Male Connector: - ¼"Quick Release Couplings
• Indicator: 24 VDC Operated.
• Proximity Sensors: - 4 nos. Type: Inductive 2 wires, Diameter: 18 mm, Sensing Distance: 5 mm.
• Pressure Gauge: - 100 Kg/cm2, Dial Size: 100 mm.
• Hydraulic Motor (Optional) 3 LPM, Flange mounting type.
• Hydraulic Accumulator (Optional) Capacity : 0.075 Ltrs, mWP bar: 250 bar
• Weight: 0.62 Kg, Connection: 1/2" BSP
• Pressure sequence valve (optional):- ¼" (F), Square Body, 60kg/cm^2.
• Oil Hydraulic power pack: - MS Powder Coated Oil Tank, Capacity: 25 Litters.
  with Oil Level Indicator, Gear Pump: 3-5 LPM, 40-70 Bar, Breather, Oil filter & suction,
  Electric Motor: Single Phase, 1/2 HP/ 1HP, 230VAC / 3 Phase, 1/2 HP/ 1 HP, 415V AC
  with DOL starter.
• Hydraulic Hoses: - 10nos.
• Transverse & Feed Circuit (Optional)

• Compact Ergonomic Design.
• User Friendly, Self Explanatory Systems.
• Leak proof Safety Measures, sturdy piping & Robust Construction.
• Training Manuals mimic Charts for Operation Ease.
• System Frame with Caster Wheel Arrangement for ease in movement.
• M.S. powder coated cubical plant with standard Instrument Mountings.
• Inbuilt Safety Measures to avoid improper usage.

• Wall mounting assemblies of hydraulic actuator & self-reciprocating cylinder.
• Single acting cylinder (bore diameter: 40mm, stroke length: 75/ 100mm)
• Double acting cylinder (bore diameter: 40mm, stroke length: 75/ 100mm)
• Hydraulic motor (optional), Solenoid Valves (electro-hydraulic), Limit Switches.
• Proximity type sensors (electro-hydraulic),
• QRC Couplings provided Tubing /hose pipes for circulation of pressure.
• Manifold for distribution.
• Oil Hydraulic power pack for power supply.
• Optional components are available to allow fault operation and diagnosis training.

• Study of pressure control.
• Study of direction control.
• Study of fundamental principles of Hydraulics & its applications.
• Study of Meter-in circuit, Meter-out circuit and Bleed-off circuit.
• Study of flow control.
• Study of hydraulic valves.
• Study of cylinder control.
• Study of power pack control characteristics.
• Study of hydraulic Motor (optional).
• Study of Hydraulic Accumulator (optional).
• Study of sequencing of two cylinders using sequence valve (optional).
• Study of electro-hydraulic control.
• Study of sequencing operation of two cylinders using electro-hydraulic components.

• Single Phase 230 V AC / Three-phase supply of 415 V 50 Hz suitably used for
  direct on line starting of an induction motor
• System Dimensions: 3.5 Ft. (L) X 2Ft. ((W) X 4.5 Ft (H)

Note: All descriptive matter and illustrations are intended to give only a general idea of the equipment. Detailed specifications may be altered at the companys discretion without any notice

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