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Electricity And Electronic Trainer

Electricity And Electronic Trainer
Product Name: Electricity And Electronic Trainer
Product Code: TSN0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Electricity And Electronic Trainer.
Electricity And Electronic Trainer Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters
 Electricity And Electronic Trainer Locktronics system consists of elctronic components mounted underneath tough molded polystyrene carriers with the appropriate circuit symbol displayed on the upper surface of each carrier and the component mounted securely beneath it. Circuits are assembled by inserting the component carriers between the metal baseboard pillars which act as connectors. The final uncluttered layout clearly resembles the theoretical circuit diagram where each component is displayed/ ac¬cessible over the board. Electricity And Electronic Trainer "active schematic" kit allows students to gain a foundation in the principles of electricity and electronics. Electricity And Electronic Trainer provides hands-on working knowledge of voltage, current, and resis¬tance with series and parallel circuits. Graphic symbols are screened onto each components acrylic background. A very affordable unit.

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