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Naugra Lab Macerator

Product Name: Naugra Lab Macerator
Product Code: PLI0028

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Naugra Lab Macerator.

Our macerator is the best way to get rid of human waste fast and easy and to preserve hygiene on the hospital ward.

Take the used pulp products from the patients, put into the macerator chamber, turn it on – and forget about the germs or the odour.

Exceptionally simple maintenance, touchless opening and closing of the lid, silent operation – these are only three of many advantages of this machine.

The macerator could be of a great help in hospitals, medical chinics & other health care institutions. 

The unit will maximize the efficiency and minimize the usage of energy. 

It's use installation is easy and have manufactured with the highest quality materials and technology.

Single phase 220V or 110v

Full stainless steel Body and mixer.

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