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Blast Freezer / Chest Freezer

Blast Freezer / Chest Freezer
Product Name: Blast Freezer / Chest Freezer
Product Code: COL-IN-0004

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Blast Freezer / Chest Freezer.

Blast Freezer are used for instant freezing of blood plasma, food products etc. it freezes the blood plasma and other samples to -20oC in not less than 60 min. Chest Freezer offer a breakthrough insample preparation for use prior to cold storage including flexible design, accelerated air flow and a self-contained refrigeration system. Slow freezing forms big ice crystals in the product. The crystals are forming cells and destroy the structure of the product but in blast freezer Fast freezing forms many small ice crystals which keeps the original product safe.

  • 93/42/EEC directive and amendments
  • BS 4376-2:1996

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