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Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter

Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Product Name: Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Product Code: WTK-IN-0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter.

Technical Specification : 
Display: Array of 10 LEDs in Line
Sample Size: 1-50 mg. of Water
K. F. Dispensing Resolution: 0.05ml.
Indication: Run Add End  – Display in Auto Mode
Detection: Current Sensing by Electronic Control
K. F. Flow: Highly Sensitive Solenoid Control Valve for Automatic Control of K.F. Reagent
Measuring Electrode: Dual Platinum Electrode
Titration Cell: Air Tight 200 ml. Glass Vessel
End Point Delay: 30 Seconds
Buzzer: Yes
Timer: Adjustable Timer
Stirrer: Variable Speed Magnetic Stirrer with On/Off Control
Burette: Pressure Filling Auto Zero Burette with 0.05 ml. Resolution
Power Supply: 230V +-10%, 50 Hz AC

Standard Accessories  : Burette (Clear Glass) 10 ml., Reservoir Bottle 500 ml. , Rubber Bellow for Pumping Air, Titration Cell 200 ml., Dual Platinum Electrode, PTFE Coated Magnetic Stirring Capsule, Nozzle, Moisture Trap with Rubber Tubing & Instruction Manual.

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