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Audibility Test Machines Apparatus

Audibility Test Machines Apparatus
Product Name: Audibility Test Machines Apparatus
Product Code: ATA-IN-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Audibility Test Apparatus.
Self contained compact unit that can be floor mounted.
Laminated wooden barrel mounted on a sturdy support frame.
Motorized operation enables ease of use.
Rotation Speed of five RPM, providing a fall rate of ten falls per minutes.
Steel base plate fixed at both ends of the barrel as specified in the standards.
Digital pre-set four digits counter with bright LED duel display, membrane keypad selection And battery back-up to memorize count value in case of power cut off.
Audible / Visible ‘Find of Test’ indication.
Transparent acrylic sliding cover allows easy loading and unloading of the test sample, and allows inspection during the test. Cover can be locked during the test.
Two castor wheels and one adjustable foot provide mobility as well as leveling facility.
Non contact proximity sensor ensure reliable operation Barrel JOG Switch to bring the barrel to upright position after End of Test.
Drop Height : 500 mm
Base Plate : 3 mm thick Steel Plate.
Rotation Speed : 10 Falls per minute (5 rpm)
Control : Digital Pre Set Counter, 4 digit, with battery back-up.
Sensor : Non contact Inductive Proximity Sensor, 18 mm diameter.
Indicator : Power ON, Barrel ON, End of Test (Audible beeper)
Access : Through sliding acrylic cover with magnetic latch & key lock.
Drive : AC Induction motor, geared, with reduction pulley and V-Belt.
Power : 230 V AC, 50 Hz single phase.
Safety Fuse : 2 Amp., slow blow, glass cartridge, 35 x 6 mm.
Dimension : 450 mm W x 750 mm D x 1000 mm H approximate.

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