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Analogue Communications Trainer

Analogue Communications Trainer
Product Name: Analogue Communications Trainer
Product Code: COMS0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Analogue Communications Trainer.
 Analogue communications trainer - Should have a complete analogue communication system in a modularized approach, in particular: generation of analogue signals, filtering and amplification including limiters, modulation (including mixers and oscillators), transmission over a noisy channel (provision for addition of noise), reception, demodulation/detection; different types of receiver circuits

Should cover different analogue modulation and demodulation techniques for each of amplitude (with at least any two of single sideband (SSB), double sideband (DSB), and Vestigial Sideband), phase (narrowband angle) and frequency (wideband)

Should come with software (compatible with windows 7) for simulation of analogue communication systems and detailed analysis of block diagrams and circuit diagrams for each of the sections for the system

Should have at least one application example where either voice or video is transmitted

The trainer should also have points on each of the sections/components of the communication system for displaying the signals.

Multiple access technique (at least 1) in analogue communication systems should also be covered

Interfaces (for communication with a computer if present): GPIB (IEEE 1488.2), USB 2.0 (or higher) or Ethernet

Power Supply: 240V, 50-Hz, power cable with 3-pin plug (BS 1363)

Accessories: Any special power supplies, cabling or other essential components should also be provided.

Detailed training/experiment manuals (for the instructors and the students) in English.

The system should also provide for fault insertion and test points. The connectors/system should provide protection against incorrect insertio

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