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Air Compressor Study

Air Compressor Study
Product Name: Air Compressor Study
Product Code: Automobile-0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Air Compressor Study.

The unit consist of one experimental type two stage reciprocating air compressor air cooled inter cooler ,suitable for a pressure of 11 kg/cm2 & having a displacement of 0.168 m3/min. driven by squirrel cage induction motor of 2 H.P. Energymeter & stop watch to determine the input to the motor. The above motor suited for 400/440 V. 3 ph. 50 cycles A. C. supply. The motor is provided with switch & starter.


The equipment complete with the following standard accessories comprising the following-
Two pressure gauges for measuring the pressure, One shut off valve, One non-return valve, pressure release valve. A receiver fitted with oil & water separator a drain cock, automatic pressure switch.

Air intake measuring arrangement-Air intake measuring device with orifice plate, differently manometer, M.S. air intake reservoir of size 0.4 m. x 0.4 m. x 0.4 m. mounted on a sturdy stand.

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