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Advanced Digital Logic Lab

Advanced Digital Logic Lab
Product Name: Advanced Digital Logic Lab
Product Code: ECE0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Advanced Digital Logic Lab.

Advanced Digital Logic Lab


  • The whole trainer is fully designed by FPGA/CPLD logic circuit. Buffer circuits have enhanced protection for each module which is powered by main unit through power socket, avoiding wrong input power source during the experiment.
  • Covers different levels of logic circuit experiments, ranging from combinational logic, sequential logic as well as the logic circuit interfacing with microcontroller and practical application circuit for daily use.
  • Students can implement their own circuit from universal CPLD & breadboard experiment module, making it possible to prototype most analog and digital circuits in the system.
  • Includes various types of ADC & DAC circuits to learn different interfacing circuits between analog and digital signal.
  • Built-in 8-channel multiplexer in main unit to measure multiple digital signals in real time.
  • Multiple operation modes from 4-digit 7-segment display (a) scanning display mode, (b) individual digit display mode, (c) frequency counter mode for measurement.


The Advanced Digital Logic Lab is designed for students and engineers interested in developing and testing prototypes circuit. The lab is included combinational logic, sequential logic, memory, ADC/DAC..etc. experiment circuits. And offer several application circuits (PWM, Timer, Motor control..etc.).

All necessary equipment for digital logic experiments such as power supply, clock generator, switches, displays are built-in on the main unit. The lab have 10 experiment modules and one CPLD & breadboard experiment module.

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