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Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus

Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus
Product Name: Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus
Product Code: STM0005

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus.
Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters An unlimited range of Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus can be performed to measure support reactions, deflections and rotations of simply supported, fixed and two span continuous beams, simple and propped cantilevers, and sinking supports. Differing material and section beams supplied are carried by pinned supports on three load-measuring piers each containing an electronic load cell which measures the vertical reaction forces. The output from each load cell is fed into the Data Acquisition Interface supplied. Data Acquisition Software captures the key experimental parameters from the hardware. Three dial gauges on movable stands measure the beam and support displacements.

Experimental Capabilities of Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus
    All variables in deflection of beams
    Slope and curvature of beams
    Support reactions of single span and continuous beams
    Effect of sinking supports
    Area moment theorems
    Clerk Maxwell’s reciprocal theorem
    Flitched beams
    Non-Uniform beams
    Comparison of measured reactions with theoretical values

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