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Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion

Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion
Product Name: Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion
Product Code: Environmental0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion.

Acid rain can be devastating to aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial areas. 
It not only effects naturally-occurring surfaces, such as rocky surfaces of mountainous regions, but manmade surfaces as well. 
In this activity, students expose naturally occurring and construction materials to an acidic environment and compare the reaction of these materials to those exposed to 'normal' rain (tap water). 
Sufficient materials for 15 groups. 
Teacher's manual and student copy masters are included.
Stones and metals used in buildings, statues and monuments may be affected by acid rain. 
Rates of erosion and weathering increase rapidly depending on the degree of acidic rain

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