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0 30V 10A Power Supply

Product Name: 0 30V 10A Power Supply
Product Code: DCP-0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

0 30V 10A Power Supply.
The 4181 30V, 10A Power Supply has been designed as a constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) source for laboratories, industries and field testing applications, featuring low power loss, compact and light weight. It provides floating, DC output voltages and is ideally suitable for complex analog and digital applications.
The DC output can be continuously adjusted from 0 - 30Volts with coarse and fine controls. Current limit is also adjustable from 100mA - 10A. Any over loading for adjusted current limit, is indicated by flashing "OR" LED. When the maximum setting is crossed or the overheating has occurred, the LED will lit up.
A 3-digit display for voltage and 3 ½ digit display for current is used to read the instantaneous values. In addition to low residual ripple and noise, it has excellent line and load regulation. The 30V- 10A Power Supply is also provided with all protective circuits to ensure trouble free operation.
Product Features

    DC 0-30 V / 10 A
    Floating Output
    Selectable display for Voltage & Current
    Low Ripple Voltage
    Excellent Line and Load Regulation
    Large Display

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