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Exporter of AC DC Motors and Machines Training Systems for Electronics Labs
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Material Testing Equipment, Soil Testing Lab Equipments, Universal Testing Machine, Test Lab Equipment, Surveying Instruments, Laboratory Testing Equipments
Electrical Machine Motors, CNC, Green Energy, Breadboard, Antenna Satellite Radar, Electrical Wiring Trainers, Microwave Test Benches, Electronics Circuits Kits
Physics Lab Equipment, Biology Lab Equipment, Chemistry Lab Equipment, Lab Microscopes, Chemicals and Reagents, Plasticware, Geography Models
Fluid Mechanic, Heat Transfer, Automobile Engineering, Cutaways Models, Refrigeration AC Trainers, Civil Engineering Models, Automation Trainers
Educational Lab Instruments, Scientific & Technical Laboratory Equipments

Welcome to Naugralabs, ISO9001 certified manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of wide range of Scientific Equipments, Testing Machines, Electronics Training Systems & Educational Labware. Naugralabs Training Systems are CE norms compliant for scientific and educational community. Training organisations can purchase the appropriate equipment and technology to meet their teaching requirements. Naugralabs exports these laboratory equipments and science teaching products to a wide range of clients in about 60 countries including Middle East, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Africa, Malaysia, Thailand.

Naugralabs Product Range - Educational Trainers, Digital Lab Trainers, Analog Lab Trainers, Microprocessor Trainer Kit, Microcontroller Trainer Kit and Embedded Trainers, Microprocessor Development Board, Testing Lab Trainers, Logic Trainers, Microprocessor Trainers, Computer Trainers, School Science Supply, Supply Physics Lab Instruments, Physics Lab Equipment, Biology Lab Instruments, Human Anatomy Models, Chemistry Lab Equipment, Geography Lab Teaching Products, Microscopes, Educational Equipment, Technical Educational Equipment.

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter company, traders, wholesaler, and producers of Technical Educational Equipment, Testing Lab Machines, Testing Equipment, Universal Testing Machines in India. We develop Testing Machines for Torsion, Impact, Tensile, Compression Testing.

Our Civil Engineering Testing Lab Equipmens and other testing lab instruments for bitumen testing, asphalt testing, aggregate testing, cement testing, concrete testing, soil testing material testing, sand testing, cable testing, mechanical testing, electrical engineering, leather testing, paper testing, pulp testing, card testing, footwear testing, Spring testing, Hardness and Fatigue Lab Testing are for school and research laboratories.

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