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Microscopes India
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Scientific & Labware Equipments
» Oil and Petroleum Testing Instruments
» Physics Lab Instrument
» Chemistry Lab Instrument
» Physics Mechanism Instruments
» Sanitary Systems
» Biology Laboratory Equipment
» Biological Models
» Laboratory Plasticwares
» Laboratory Instruments
» Weighing Scales
» Measuring Instruments
» Non Destructive Technology instruments
» Engineering Electronic Instruments
» Mathematical Equipment
» Soil Testing Equipments
» Hydrological Instruments
» Meteorological Instruments
» Research Microscopes
» Astro Telescopes
» Soda Glassware
» Lab Glassware
» Immersion Oil
» Electronic Testing and Measuring Equipments
» Audio Visual Equipment
» ENT Equipment
» Gynaecology Equipments
» Dental Equipments
» Optical Accessories
» Ophthalmic Equipment
» Electrical Engineering Equipments
» Electrical Testing Equipment
» Mechanical Testing Lab Equipment
» Magnetism and Electrostatic
» Entomological Equipments
» Plant Pathology Equipments
» General Purpose Equipments
» Material Testing Lab Equipment
» Bitumen-Asphalt Testing Equipment
» Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment
» Surveying Instruments
» Sintered Glassware
» Soil Testing Lab Equipments
» Power Engines and Machines
» Biohazard Bags
» Medical Surgical Disposable Products
» Paper Instruments
» Internal Combustion Engines
» Acoustic Testing Equipment
» Electricity Physics Experiments
» Electromagnetism and Induction
» Electric Motor and Generator Teaching Systems
» Electrostatics Field Equipment
» Poultry Egg Incubator
» Strength of Materials
» Biotechnology Laboratory Instruments
» Theory of Machines
» Forces Apparatus
» Structural Demonstration Models
» Biology Laboratory Apparatus
» Mechanical Vibrations
» Friction-Tribology
» Value Apparatus
» Scientific Accessories
» Fluid Machines Laboratory Instruments
» Laboratory Strength of Materials
» Heat Transfer Laboratory Instruments
» Theory of Machines Laboratory Instruments
» Thermodynamics Laboratory Instruments
» Mechanisms Laboratory Instruments
» Materials Science Laboratory Instruments
» Hydraulics And Pneumatic Laboratory Instruments
» Radio Frequency and Microwave Products and Instruments
» Electronics Trainer Kits Instruments
» ISI Cube Mould
» Electronics Lab Training Modules
» GM Counter
» Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
» Electronics Lab Training Modules
» Spectrophoto Meters
» Technical Educational Equipments
» Consumer Electronics Trainers
» Test Measuring Instruments
» Educational Trainers
» Laboratory Equipment for Mining And Geosciences
» IC Testers and Programmers
» Variac And Dimmerstats
» Soldering Desoldering Stations
» Moving Coil Panel Meters
» Educational Desk Stand Meter
» Electrical Transformers
» Analog and Digital Circuit Lab
» Basic Electronic Lab
» Communication Lab
» Computer Application Lab
» Consumer Electronics Lab
» Control System Lab
» Digital Communication Lab
» Digital Electronics Lab
» Advanced Digital Lab Trainer
» Fiber Optics Lab
» Instrumentation Lab
» Lab Equipments
» Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
» PCB Designing Lab
» Power Electronics Lab
» Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
» Mortuary Chamber
» Dispensing Booth
» Physics Laboratory Equipment
» Lab Resistance Instrument
» Physics Lab Equipment
» Lab Balance Scale
» Lab Spectrometer
» Lab Bridges
» Rock Testing Machine
» Shear Testing Equipment
» Soil Compactor
» Soil Test Instruments
» Electronics Lab Instruments
» Soil Moisture Meter
» Engineering Surveying Instruments
» Geotextile Technology & Concrete Technology
» Water Testing Kit
» Bacteriological Test Vials
» Microtomes
» Laboratory Chemicals
» Science Educational Kits
» Applied Thermodynamics
» Science Teaching Equipments
» Geography Teaching Models
» Science and Technology Equipments
» Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit
» Pharmacy Lab Equipments
» Pharmacy College Instruments
» Metallurgical Laboratory Instruments
» Laboratory Glassware
» Laboratory Miscellanies Ware
» Laboratory Metal Ware
» Laboratory Rubber Ware
» Entomological Equipments
» Home care Bed
» Hospital Beds
» Hospital Tables
» Hospital Trolleys
» Hospital Lockers
» Hospital Couch
» Hospital Equipments
» Folding Wheel Chair
» Operation Theatre Lights
» Operation Theatre Tables
» Suction Unit
» Infant Incubator
» Ultrasonic Cleaner
» Cold Light Source
» Operation Theatre Fumigator
» Blood Bank Equipment
» Dental Equipment
» E.N.T. Equipment
» Hospital Holloware
» Medical Educational Aids
» OPD Equipment
» Physiotherapy Equipment
» Rehabilitation Aids
» Suction Apparatus
» Sterilizers
» Infant Care
» Medical Monitoring System
» Surgery Equipment
» Oxygen Therapy System
» Infusion Pump Various Models
» Diagnostic Equipments
» Laryngoscope
» Surgical Instruments
» Hospital Wears
» Hospital Rubbers Goods
» Needle Destroyers
» Heating Pads
» Binocular Loupes
» Color Vision Testing
» Keratometer
» Patient Monitor
» Schiotz Tonometer
» Veterinary Instruments
» Dairy Equipments
» Histopathology Equipments
» Waste Management Equipments
» Table Top Autoclave
» Digital Kymograph
» Digital Jar Test Apparatus
» Clean Room Equipments
» Hospital Baby Crib
» Hospital Beds Mattress
» Hospital Foot Stools
» Hospital Bedside Screens
» Hospital Bedside Tables
» Hospital Examination Table
» Hospital Obstetric Tables
» Hospital Stretchers
» Hospital Bedside Revolving Stools
» Hospital Blood Donor Chairs
» Hospital Bowl Stands
» Medical Cabinets Cupboards
» Doctor Chair & Stools
» Waiting Chairs & Benches
» Movable Cabinets Drawers
» Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals of Aerodynamics and Airflow
» Fluid Mechanics
» Fluid Mechanics Hydrology Engineering
» Fluid Mechanics Flow in Pipes
» Fluid Mechanics Turbomachine Demostrators
» Fluid Mechanics Turbomachines
» Process Control Engineering
» Applied Mechanics Equipments
» Automobile Engineering Models
» Heat Engine Boiler Models
» Mountings & Accessories of Steam Boilers
» Models of Steam Engines & Accessories
» Civil Lab Equipments & Models
» Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
» Refrigeration Engineering Lab Equipment
» Heating and Ventilation
» Analog Electronics Trainers
» Cement, Lime , Plaster & Mortar Testing
» Asphalt Testing
» Field Monitoring Technology
» Steel & Metal Mechanics
» Advanced Soil Mechanics
» CNC Machines
» Spring Testing Machine
» Antenna, Satellite, Radar & RF Trainers
» Acrylic Working Demonstrators
» Cut-Away Valves
» Mechanical & Maintenance Trainers
» Process Trainers
» Process Units
» Acrylic Static Models
» Split Case Cut Away
» Rack Systems
» CNC Milling & Lathes Table Top Models
» CNC Milling Cabinet Models
» CNC Milling Drilling Lathe Systems
» CNC Milling EDM Systems
» Development Tools
» Handy Copiers
» Serial Programmer
» Parallel Programmer
» USB Programmer
» Gang Programmer
» IC Testers
» VLSI Lab
» Embedded Lab
» Water Still
» Fluid Mechanics Components in Piping Systems
» Helmet Testing Equipment
» Retention Tester
» Electrical Resistance Tester
» Flammability Tester For Helmets
» Humidity Chamber
» Impact Absorption Tester
» Penetration Tester
» Audibility Test Apparatus
» Corrosion Resistance Tester
» Rigidity Tester
» Leather Testing Equipment
» Paper Testing Equipment
» Plastic Films Testing Equipment
» Rubber Testing Equipment
» Yarn And Carpet Testing Equipment
» Cable Testing Equipment
» Coated Fabric Testing Equipment
» Electric Conduit Testing Equipment
» Electrical Appliance Testing Equipment
» Crock Meter Tester
» Pressure Head Tester
» Pounding Tester
» Peel Off Strength Tester
» Abrasion Tester
» Foam Thickness Gauge
» Toe Cap Impact Tester
» Split Tear Tester
» Color Fastness Tester
» Water Proofness Tester
» Light Fastness Tester
» Leak Proofness Tester
» Quadrant Balance For GSM
» Pilling Tester
» Traverse Thread Counter
» Shear Fatigue Tester
» Cell Counter
» Perspirometer
» Drape meter
» Indentation Hardness Tester
» Martindale Abrasion Tester
» Flammability Tester
» Stiffness Tester
» Compression Set Tester
» Water Vapour Absorption Tester
» Launderometer
» Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester
» Crackness Tester
» Hot Air Oven
» Lastometer
» Round Sample Cutter
» Tearing Tester
» Inclined Plane Flammability Tester
» Thickness Gauge
» Bennewart Flex Tester
» Button Pull Tester
» Air Permeability Tester
» Bursting Strength Tester
» Spray Tester
» Dry Cleaning Apparatus
» Air Flow Tester
» Tensile Testing Machine
» Air Porosity Tester
» Ball Resilience Tester
» Heat Insulation Tester
» Vamp Flex Tester
» Sole Adhesion Tester
» ultra voilet conditioning chamber
» full shoe flex tester
» Belt Flex Tester
» Hot Contact Resistance Tester
» Fatigue Resistance Tester
» Flexometer
» Din Abrasion
» Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester
» Cold Insulation Tester
» Water Resistance Tester
» Abrasion Tester (for sole leather)
» Heat Resistance Tester
» Rub Proofness Tester
» Petrol Engines Cutaway
» Diesel Engines Cutaway
» Chassis Petrol Engines Cutaway
» Chassis Diesel Engines Cutaway
» Motorcycle Engines Cutaway
» Marine Engines Cutaway
» Agriculture and Farming Cutaway
» Engine Models Cutaway
» Aeronautics Engines Cutaway
» Electrical Electronic Components Cutaway
» Petrol LPG Feeding Cutaway
» Diesel Injection Cutaway
» Turbochargers Superchargers Cutaway
» Various Components Cutaway
» Air Conditioning Cutaway
» Steering and Suspensions Cutaway
» Gearboxes and Clutches Cutaway
» Transmissions Cutaway
» Braking Systems Cutaway
» Electrical Electronics
» Petrol Engine Rigs
» Diesel Engine Rigs
» Test Chambers
» Incubators & Ovens
» Moisture Meters
» Laboratory Balance
» Water Bath Equipments
» Centrifuge
» Cooling Equipments
» Water Testing Equipments
» Laboratory Shaking Machine
» Microtome
» Microscope
» Laboratory Equipments
» Sterilization Equipments
» Clean Room Equipments
» Lab Water Solutions
» Measuring Meter
» Ovens

Naugralabs - Educational Scientific Laboratory Equipments

Welcome to Naugralabs, ISO9001 certified manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of wide range of Scientific Equipments, Testing Machines, Electronics Training Systems & Educational Labware. Naugralabs Training Systems are CE norms compliant for scientific and educational community. Training organisations can purchase the appropriate equipment and technology to meet their teaching requirements. Naugralabs exports these laboratory equipments and science teaching products to a wide range of clients in about 60 countries including Middle East, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Africa, Malaysia, Thailand.

ELECTRONICS Teaching & Electrical Lab Equipments

Engineering Electronic Instruments
Electronic Instruments
Electronic Testing and Measuring Equipments
Electronic Testing LABS
Electrical Engineering Equipments
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Testing Equipment
Electric Testing Equipments
Soil And Structural Materials Laboratory
Soil & Structural Lab
Power Engines and Machines
Power Engines and Machines
Internal Combustion Engines
Internal Combustion Engines
Electricity Lab Physics
Electricity Lab Physics
Electromagnetism And Induction
Acoustic Testing Equipment
Acoustic Testing Equipment
Electric Teaching Motors
Electric Teaching Motors
Electrostatics Field Equipment
Electrostatics Field
Strength of Materials
Strength of Materials
Structural Demonstration Models
Structural Demonstration
Forces Apparatus
Forces Apparatus
Theory of Machines
Theory of Machines
Mechanical Vibrations
Mechanical Vibrations
Fluid Machines Laboratory Instruments
Fluid Machines Lab
Laboratory Strength Of Materials
Materials Strength Lab
Heat Transfer Laboratory Instruments
Heat Transfer Lab
Theory Of Machines Laboratory Instruments
Machines Lab Instruments
Thermodynamics Laboratory Instruments
Thermodynamics Lab
Mechanisms Laboratory Instruments
Mechanisms Lab
Hydraulics And Pneumatic Laboratory Instruments
Hydraulics & Pneumatic Lab
Radio Frequency And Microwave Products and Instruments
Radio Frequency & Microwave
Electronics Trainer Kits Instruments
Electronics Trainer Kits
Electronics Lab Taining Modules
Electronics Lab Modules
GM Counter
GM Counter
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics Trainers
Technical Educational Equipments
Technical Educational Labs
IC Testers And Programmers
IC Testers And Programmers
Analog And Digital Circuit Lab
Analog & Digital Circuit Lab
Communication Lab
Communication Lab
Basic Electronic Lab
Basic Electronic Lab
Control System Lab
Control System Lab
Digital Communication Lab
Digital Communication Lab
Digital Electronics Lab
Digital Electronics Lab
Advanced Digital Lab Trainer
Advanced Digital Lab Trainer
Fiber Optics Lab
Fiber Optics Lab
Instrumentation Lab
Instrumentation Lab
Lab Equipments
Lab Equipments
Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
Microprocessor Lab
PCB Designing Lab
PCB Designing Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Trainers
Shear Testing Equipment
Shear Testing Equipment
Electronics Lab Instruments
Electronics Lab Instruments
Engineering Surveying Instruments
Surveying Instruments
Applied Thermodynamics
Applied Thermodynamics
Science and Technology Equipments
Science Training Equipments
Fluid Mechanics Flow in Pipes
Fluid Mechanics Flow in Pipes
Fluid Mechanics Turbomachines
Mechanics Turbomachines
Fluid Mechanics Turbomachine Demostrators
Turbomachine Demostrators
Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals of Aerodynamics and Airflow
Fluid Aerodynamics
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics Hydrology Engineering
Fluid Mechanics Hydrology

Testing Labs Instruments

Oil and Petroleum Testing Instruments
Oil and Petroleum
Soil Testing Equipments
Soil Testing Equipments
Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment
Cement and Concrete Testing

School Labs Teaching Equipments

Biological Models
Biological Models
Physics Lab Instrument
Physics Lab Instrument
Chemistry Lab Instrument
Chemistry Lab Instrument

Lab Products from India

Physics Lab Instrument
Chemistry Lab Instrument
Electronic Testing Equipments
Concrete Testing Equipment
Biology Laboratory Equipment
Soil Testing Equipments


Electrical Engineering Labs
Electronics Lab Modules
Electric Motor and Generator
Electronics Trainer Kits
Technical Educational Labs
Educational Trainers


Advanced Digital Lab Trainer
Analog and Digital Circuit Lab
Microprocessor & Microcontroller
Fluid Mechanics
Automobile Engineering Models
Diesel Engine Rigs

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