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Universal Dividing Head

Universal Dividing Head
Product Name: Universal Dividing Head
Product Code: Metal0010

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Universal Dividing Head.

Universal Dividing Heads for Tool Room and Production applications.
This allows your operator to accurately position the workpiece to any angle with an indexing plate.
Work piece can be circularly indexed and precisely rotated to preset angles or circular divisions.
The manual indexed (hand crank) head operates at ratio 40:1; i.e. 1 spindle revolution of 9 degrees per 40 crank turns. 
It is suitable for indirect as well as differential indexing.

Gear Worm Ratio




Center Height

115 mm

140 mm

165 mm

Spindle Bore

20 mm

32 mm

38 mm

Max. Height

210 mm

260 mm

310 mm

Base Size (L x W)

175 x 125 mm

240 x 150 mm

270 x 170 mm

Weight (Approx.)

65 Kg

90 Kg

125 Kg

Spiral and Cam Milling
Machining the flutes of milling cutter
Gear teeth cutting
Milling curved slots

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